Black Monolith Studio Mastering Rates


I no longer separate vinyl mastering from digital mastering, everyone tends to prefer the sound of a master for vinyl, so this is my default working method and the price is the same. 

If you want a master without the process for vinyl or want to know the difference, just ask in the form below.

Single track - £23

Stem Mastering - £33

EP (3-6 tracks) - £65

Album (7-12 tracks) - £200


Single track - £60

Album -  £450 (roughly, depends on requirements, please ask)

Deals on joint mixing and mastering services, again please ask.

Just tell me what kind of service you are looking for and we can begin from there.

Your mastering can be for digital or I can provide you with vinyl premasters ready for cutting.

Cd`s can be produced to redbook standard with DDP files or whatever you need to give to your pressing plant.

For double CD or large compilations, contact me for price negotiation.
New Clients get a special discount just mention it when you contact me.