Steve Loss Mastering Engineer.

Black Monolith Studios is the studio of Steve Loss, a musician, producer and engineer with 18 years experience of working in sound and music.

I offer a very personalised audio mastering service with 2 main concerns: High audio fidelity and client happiness. Whatever your mastering needs I can make sure you end up satisfied with your service.

Everything is conducted on a very personal level, no automated uploads, we talk, discuss your needs, I check out your audio to see if it is ready for mastering, we discuss mix adjustments if any are needed, then I begin the mastering process.

Mastering can be for Digital, Redbook Standard CD, or Vinyl Premasters ready to cut.

I also offer a mixing service with rates depending on the job, you can enquire on the rates page.



I prefer files as 24/44 (or 24/96) Wav files, but can work with any high fidelity format.

It is best if you leave your mix with around 6db of headroom, and leave your master output buss free of any effects that effect the dynamics such as compression or limiting. If you are using things to colour your mix, this is fine.

Your music will be returned to you as a high rate non lossy compressed file for final approval and after approval as 16/44 Wavs.

Red book standard CD images for pressing can also be provided, with tags and track spacing etc, contact to discuss.

The job isn't finished until you are happy so please include any requirements or ideas with your files.